What To Expect

what to expect 

we're innovators

Social Media is ever-changing. Be it new platforms, algorithm shifts, different consumption habits, or new platforms, we will always be in 'the know.' There is never a 'one-size-fits-all' strategy or brand, and we are always rethinking what 'success' looks like for each approach!

we're story tellers

Each brand has a different story to tell. Here at Hello Media, we believe that the work we provide is more about the client than anything else. The most important part of your brand and marketing is you and we will put our heads together to share each unique story through our services.​

we're leaders

We're a team of unstoppable, constantly evolving, kick-ass experts and you won't find anything quite like us. Our approach is led by connection, which differentiates us from several agencies. The deeper our connection with a brand and their communities, the greater the results. 

our services

social media management

If you're trying to find your place and stand out on social media, let's start here! From crafting results-driven strategies, to unique community engagement, we'll create the perfect plan for you. We start with strategy and we build from there! From writing captions that convert, to scheduling and posting, responding to comments and engaging with followers. We'll build your online presence and start sharing your story! 



Through our management service, you hand off your entire Pinterest account and we will work  tirelessly to make sure your content is being put in front of the right people, at the right times, and in the right places.

Each approach is customized to your needs and goals as a business. We will handle the day-to-day pinning, keyword optimization, monthly tasks, and all organic strategies to make sure you see killer results!

branding & website design

We are firm believers that a social strategy is not a sustainable form of marketing without a proper brand to back you up! We will partner with you to create a brand that connects with the customers you dream about. From brand development, to logo designs, to intentional website design, our designs are sure to convert.

consulting & 1:1 intensives

Whether you're launching a new business, or looking to revamp your current efforts; nailing down the perfect social media strategy can be overwhelming! A thoughtful social media presence is more than a pretty photo and a few followers. When we're done with your training, you'll know how to perfectly leverage each platform to maximize your reach and increase your sales!

facebook ad management

Paid Facebook / Instagram Ads are an opportunity for your brand to reach people above and beyond organic strategy. Paid marketing will help reach specific audiences with relevant, valuable and timely information that will draw your unique customer or client in. 


With a strategic approach to Facebook Ads, your business can target new audiences, deepen your relationship with long-time customers, and re-engage customers you haven’t interacted with in a while!

trainings & workshops 

If you have the team and resources available to manage your own social strategy, but need some guidance, we can help! From lunch-and-learns, to speaking opportunities, to one-on-one Zoom Calls, we'll create a custom plan or training for you & your team!

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