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COVID-19: What content should your brand share?

You may be sick of hearing "COVID-19" (as are we); however, it's not going away anytime soon and we want to shed some light on a few ways your business can pivot during this time! Here are a few tips, talking points, and things your business can do on social media to navigate this new territory!


Above all, it's time to show up. Even if your business isn't providing services or your brick + mortar has closed, now is not the time to disappear. Continue to share your business on social media and focus on creating relationships with your followers. You may choose to post less content - that's okay! Use that extra time to show up on stories, and be sure to keep it authentic. Share your struggles, triumphs, and real thoughts and fears during this huge change.


Think about how COVID-19 has affected your specific industry and start sharing those resources. For example, if you're in real estate: how has the market changed in the last 10 days? What can buyers and sellers expect to happen in the upcoming weeks?


Many of you have extra time on your hands. Use this time to create SOPs, switch up communication for your team, plan your marketing funnel, or level up in your industry by taking an online course. If there are any holes in the back-end of your business, now may be the time to patch those up!


Above all, invest in your audience. The most important thing your brand can do during this time is connect and engage. It's the perfect time to strengthen the bond you have with your audience.


Be sure you're maintaining clear and effective communication during this time. Assure your audience that their safety and the safety of your company is important to you and share the specific actions you're taking to maintain safety.

We have an massive passion for small businesses, and it breaks our heart to see so many struggling. Hello Media wants to help in any way that we can! We are here to guide you as much as we can during this crisis. Lastly, we want to share a few content topics/ideas:

  • DIY crafts or recipes you're tackling: Not a Pinterest person? That's okay, too! Even if you decided to serve Kraft Mac + Cheese for dinner (yes, I did that last night) we would love to see how you're coping through this!

  • Daily To-Do Lists: We're all struggling to be productive while working from home. Let's hold each other accountable.

  • Go Live and answer some FAQs from your audience.

  • Share your team: Dedicate a few posts to introducing your company.

  • VALUE, VALUE, VALUE: Now is the time to position yourself as an authority in your business! What tips and tricks can you share with your audience?

If you're looking to maintain relevancy online during these times, or need help with your branding, reach out to us! We'd love to connect with you over a virtual coffee!

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