Where are you located?

We're founded in Minnesota! Our team is spread across the nation and we work with clients world wide! With technology these days, we can create life-long relationships and killer strategies just as easy as meeting in person - pretty cool, huh?


What if I don't see exactly what I'm searching for?

Don't fret - we offer custom packages and will find something perfect for you & your company. We will tailor our services to your needs, because we truly believe a marketing strategy should never be 'one-size-fits-all.' If you have something in mind, reach out! We're excited to talk about how we can help.

What if I'm not local to you? How do we get photos and videos for content? 

We will partner with talented and professional photographers and video producers nation-wide and find something perfect for you! Between in-house graphics, our custom stock photos, and the content we receive from you, it will all come together! 

Why should we work with Hello Media?

We're glad you asked! First off, we love french fries, dogs, a good craft beer, and long walks on the beach. What more could you possibly want? ;)  Okay, we'll get serious now. Here's the thing. Our founder, Tricia, has been a small business owner since she was 18. Her passion for partnering with other like-minded business owners and helping them crush their industry is never-ending. We are results-driven, innovative, and scrappy as hell. The industry of marketing and branding is changing every minute and if we don't know how to achieve something that's new to the field, we won't stop learning until we're experts. How'd we do? Ready to work with us? 

We look pretty fun, right???


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