About Us

HELLO MEDIA is a boutique social media marketing and brand agency passionate about working with small to mid-sized businesses. We help your business cultivate an online experience that will attract your target audience, create brand awareness and make your business stand out!

Social Media is ever-changing. Be it new platforms, algorithm shifts, different consumption habits, or new platforms, we will always be in 'the know.' There is never a 'one-size-fits-all' strategy or brand, and we are always rethinking what 'success' looks like for each approach!


Each brand has a different story to tell. Here at Hello Media, we believe that the work we provide is more about the client than anything else. The most important part of your brand and marketing is you and we will put our heads together to share each unique story through our services.


We're a team of unstoppable, constantly evolving, kick-ass experts and you won't find anything quite like us. Our approach is led by connection, which differentiates us from several agencies. The deeper our connection with a brand and their communities, the greater the results. 

meet the team.


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